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22D Music Group is an independent music rights management company, with a special focus on music rights of audiovisual industries.

Since 2006, 22D is an independent company, expert in the management of music rights with a special focus on audiovisual industries.

A boutique company by essence, with a worldwide coverage.

Being a direct member of the main collection societies in the world entitles us to effectively monitor and collect income in the complex world of international music publishing.

The founders of 22D Music, Emmanuel Delétang, Sören Bauermeister and Yolanda de Felipe all worked for many years in music publishing and at local Performing Rights Societies (SACEM, SGAE, GEMA) and were longtime collaborators and friends before deciding to set up their own publishing group.

We have excellent contacts in all our home territories.

22D is an active member within the music publishing associations, such as CSDEM, IMPF, AIMP.


We strive for outstanding technical and creative quality.

Attention to detail, availability, flexibility and accountability are essential to how we work.

We have an expert and dedicated team, happy to help.

We can manage projects creatively, financially and logistically from inception to delivery, fitting seamlessly into your production chain.

A 360 approach of the industry with 20 years of experience.

Overall, we offer the same services as a large publishing group in terms of territories covered, local offices and management, but since we are smaller in size we are able to provide more personal and thorough attention to each client’s catalog.

Why 22D?

It’s our CEO’s birthday (December 22nd) and became our lucky number!

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