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Benoit Charest

Benoit Charest was born in Montréal in 1964 to an English mother and a French Canadian father. At the age of 13, Benoit developed a passion for the guitar and for learning music such as The Beatles and Led Zeppling by ear. Inevitably he discovered jazz and at the age of 17 he decided to take private classes with Neil Smolar, qualified at Boston’s Berkley School of Music, Solar taught him the basics of harmony, which helped him enormously, master the playing of an instrument and understand music in general. During his university studies Benoit made money playing with the best jazzmen of Montreal. In 1991, Benoit signed his first contract writing music for the film: “Montréal Retro” for which he composed, arranged and directed the music. Since then he has composed 15 film soundtracks, notably for the César oh the best music written and others prize-winning “Triplettes de Belleville”. Benoit has also composed music for television, theatre and about sixty advertisements.

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