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The Pirouettes

Within barely four years, The Pirouettes has come to be one of the French pop bands that cannot be passed by. Amidst an ever-bursting French scene, Leo Bear Creek (who also plays the drums in the indie rock band Coming Soon) and his sweetheart Vickie Cherie (who provides The Pirouettes artwork) are Elli & Jacno's nowadays lookalikes. With the protection of Etienne Daho, the youthful couple pictured by Hedi Slimane has been perpetuating that long-lasting synth-pop tradition, with already a few hits - just like the inescapable Dernier metro and its homage to Marcia Baila.

With a disconcerting ease, Leo and Vickie write pop songs full of stories of first loves, party memories and echoes of their daily Parisian life. These light yet smart pop anthems with a refined electronic production have quickly come to be the distinctive Pirouettes signature. And the two have not failed either to brilliantly address the French repertoire, covering France Gall's Comment lui dire and Yves Simon's Qu'est-ce que sera demain.
After the EP L'importance des autres (2014) and the single Je nous vois / Soleil rare (2015), The Pirouettes released their first album Carrement Carrement in 2016. Within 12 songs, from Coup d'eclat to Grand bassin, The Pirouettes display all their skills, namely: haunting melodies, witty lyrics, vocal duetting, vocoderized singing, clever arrangements and much more - all of which were enhanced by the work of producers Jeremy Rassat and Stephane Alf Briat.
On New year's eve 2015, in line with the current bissextile year, The Pirouettes released a perfect anticipation song named 2016 (en ce temps là), where the two young lovers, through their personal history, aim at something universal. That first album walks a line between catchy tunes (Carrement Carrement, L'escalier, Jouer le jeu), and tender ballads (Amoureux, Au bord de l'eau, Dans le vent d'ete). The charm of the record owes a lot to the intimacy of its creators, a boy and a girl of their own age, both humble and inventive, sincere and ambitious. Quite like that new crop of bands and artists there, rid of the tutelary figures of the past, The Pirouettes has its very own speech, which they wield with humor and tenderness. Or the art of pop pirouetting. Irresistible.


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