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Avital Raz

Jerusalem born Avital Raz musical journey thus far has been a long and windy one. Started out as a child singer of classical music, she became bored with performing other people's music and began to study composition. She then traveled to India where she stayed for six years learning the ancient art of Dhrupad singing. This improvisational style led to a surge in creativity and Avital's first album: Sad Songs About The End Of Love - 11 of James Joyce's poems composed mostly in Raag style and recorded in India and Israel.


Unfortunately in 2004 Joyce's work was still under copyright and the Joyce estate, finding the Indian connection too strange, denied Avital permission to release it.


This blow prompted Avital to write her own lyrics and she subsequently released two EPs: Strange Love Songs and Skin & Feathers.


In 2011 Avital left Israel for good and has since lived and performed in Berlin, California and has finally settled in England. Her latest album, Infidelity has recently been released on Sotones Records.


Avital performs both as a soloist or with her band The Chosen Ones. She has also been working extensively with Pete Harvey, cellist and arranger for the two Scottish bands The Leg and Mersault, and will release their collaborative album The Believer, later this year.

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