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Cherry BOOP & The Sound Makers

"The Way I Am“ sounds like a Soul Music album from the 60’s, but it is the new album from “Cherry BOOP and The Sound Makers“. This LP is a brave step back to the roots of this fantastic, "Afro-Americain“ music...! The songs are not “Ghetto Brothers“ vibes, their singer is more of a “Marilyn Monroe “ Soul type!


The album really is a daytrip from Girona (Spain) where it was recorded to Philadelphia (USA) where it was mixed and mastered.

Olivier Pot composed every track, using those good vintage microphones, or Wurlitzer, or Glockendpiel and Vibraphone to make it sound like in good old time. He also respected the specific recording techniques of fabulous Labels like “Motown“, or “ Stax“. Of course, the warm and soulful mood of “The Grooveyard“, Bobby Eli’s studio in Philly has been a real help to provoke that feeling.

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