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Sleek, the debut EP from London-by-way-of-Berlin singer and producer Sinah Blohberger (pronounced Xena), feels like a statement of purpose.


Sure, you can make out a few familiar styles running throughout Sleek--dub and trip-hop, R&B, and even early 4AD Records (Head Over Heels era Cocteau Twins immediately comes to mind for some reason), but they are twisted and shaped into something unique that makes it not so easy to pin the music down.


Even though 'Loveless' rides a stoned trip-hop beat through the empty streets at 4am, tinges of Eastern influence, scattered percussion, and bits of piano gives its weed-fueled spaciness a distinctly colorful texture without diminishing its overall quality; the slightly downtempo-ish 'Starry Eyed' meanwhile is filled out with a gorgeous trembling piano and blocky percussion that gives its languid beat a bit more of a pulse without taking away from its woozy sense of comfort. 


Something else that makes Sleek such a rewarding listen is how exploratory in nature the music can be while retaining a certain degree of pop sensibility. Take for example 'I Had The Need To', which starts off with ricocheting percussion, tense synths, and glitchy effects but quickly morphs into a more familiar and radio friendly sweaty bump and grind groove anchored by a particularly sticky hook that does a lot to further notch up the sexual tension.

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