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Mya Audrey

Since the very beginning Mya Audrey sings and
composes in English – the language she grew up with, not only because of her descent, but
also because of the many jazz records that used to be played at her home.

In summer 2002, she graduated with a double diploma, one in piano, the other in vocal performance at the renowned University of the Arts in Bern (Swiss Jazz School). Since then, she worked as a songwriter and co-writer for several various productions, as well as being a freelance performer in bands or as a solo-artist.

She was able to perform at various international festivals (Montreux Jazz Festival, Blue Balls Luzern, Gurtenfestival Bern, MIDI-Festival Shanghai/Beijing, etc.).

Similar to Billy Joel – who wrote the well-known song „Piano Man“ – Mya Audrey was looking for her individual inspiration as a singer and pianist, exactly what she sings about in her song „Piano Girl“.

Musical comparisons suggest themselves, for example to the gentle and jazzy Norah Jones, as well as to the lyrical Fiona Apple, or even the pop singer Missy Higgins.

In 2010 Mya Audrey presented her impressive debut album called „Sudden Breeze“. Pop
meets Jazz! Whereas jazz has never lost its magic to her, she still dared to leave her comfort zone to find her own personal kind of sound.

On her second album „Wayfaring Trails“ she tells her stories from encounters and gives an insight in her travelogues from the past three years, when and where she captured many audiences on different continents with her music.

All the stories that life knows how to tell and the touching fates – this is the trail Mya’s
new album is following, a musical symbiosis of colorful tones and pictures, as well as
unrestrained paintings of sounds.

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