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Most of the tracks for the second album “Pine Trees” were conceived of in the South of Sweden, in a village of 20 houses between Lund and Ystad, where singer Nic Koray and her husband, guitarist and keyboarder Jan Koray, spend many months each year here in their country house.

In the rural atmosphere, the couple writes songs with melody lines that oscillate between electro influences and potential pop hits. When the tracks are arranged together with bassist David Senf and drummer Sven Kosakowski, they also develop an overwhelming, rocking splendour: balancing between very soft passages, where every detail counts, and a dramatic guitar-driven wall of sound.

Their debut “Somewhere On The Line” had been recorded by Nic and Jan as a duo in 2009. The music sounded more electronic then and it was compared to bands like Portishead and Lamb. German music magazine Zillo wrote excitedly: “Somewhere On The Line” is the best debut in the extended triphop genre since Goldfrapp’s legendary “Felt Mountain”.

“There aren’t many female singers in Germany whose voices kill me like Nic Koray’s does. And there are even fewer who I grant to have the rare talent to formulate songs that are as universal and at the same time personal in the most intimate way”, singer/songwriter Tom Liwa recently raved, and rightfully so.

Like on the debut, Jan wrote all of the music and the lyrics were contributed by Nic, who obviously inherited her father’s talent. The album, which sounds outstanding for an independent production, was recorded in Jan’s 47 Recording Studio in Dortmund.

Between Sweden and Dortmund the quartet produced an album in “Pine Trees” that you do not hear every day: It is sensuous, powerful and smart.

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