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Can 7

Levent Canseven, head of T.P.A. music production & publishing, works as a dj, producer and remixer from his Cologne/Germany base for almost two decades now. Levent is a well respected disc jockey with international bookings, a really versatile multi instrumentalist and songwriter – and also the heart and brains of CAN7. With his debut album “Safari Club” on Peppermint Jam, Levent managed to add quite a string of new musical aspects to the previous dancefloor vibe that CAN7 became famous for.


Remixes and productions for global players like Moloko , Bootsy Collins, De La Soul, Sonique, Mousse T. and Ricky Martin (to name a few) helped to create a high profile on a global scale for CAN7 within the last years. Teaming up with a bunch of Germany’s top notch studio cats, Levent Canseven highlighted his analogue roots on “Safari Club”, paying tribute to the timeless sounds that influenced him the most.


Levent’s impressing record collection, his broad musical horizon (firmly rooted in funk, house, jazz, latin and soul music expanding deep into electronica) as well as his enormous musical background turns every CAN7 production and dj set into a highly special affair. Behind the decks, Levent celebrates every single one of his tracks and turns the set into something that both listeners and people on the dancefloor definitely won’t forget. Same counts for the rare, yet always sparkling live gigs with his Safari Club band.

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