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Siri Svegler

Siri Svegler : Lost & Found

(Summer 2013, Royal 22D Records/BLK)

Her Voice: one moment hauntingly melancholic and fragile, the next, powerful and energetic but always crystal-clear. Her Songs: a mix of Folk, Pop, Jazz & Country, full of magic and a little bit of mystery, just like the singer herself – this is Siri Svegler, the Swedish Singer-Songwriter who has returned with her new album “Lost & Found” and a video to the new single with the same title. Siri certainly belongs to the new generation of independent reflective singer/songwriters like Imogen Heap, Ingrid Michaelson, and Anna Ternheim writing her own songs with strong messages and deep reflection.

The irresistible first single release “Lost & Found”, sounds both beautifully charming and yet hauntingly painful as the first phrase delivers the unpredictability of early spring fever: “Spring can charm you, but also harm you”.

„I see my album as a journey” Siri says. A journey from darkness to illumination Siri Svegler describes in vibrant pop songs like “Closer To You” or the more peaceful, poetical “Transit Station” : “it describes an emotional, spiritual and artistic transition period” , says the singer. “ I needed to explore the abyss, in order to move on and create something new. It is easy to get lost on a journey like this but one day we get to the other side of the coin and we discover that feeling lost is part of being found.”

 “The journey through “Lost & Found” has been wonderful, adventurous, frightening and encouraging at the same time “ - just like Siri’s songs on the album.

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