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The New Governement

The band was born in Lebanon in November 2004 at a time of political instability. What initially came up as a 6-member band known as "The Government" eventually reached a configuration of 5 members (Jeremie, Zeid, Nabil, Cherif, Timothee) who proclaimed themselves "The New Government" (since there was no official government in Lebanon at the time). In 2006 The New Government released a self-titled debut album with independent Lebanese label Mooz Records. The project had to stop after summer 2006 because of the war.


In 2007 the band released an untitled EP wich was recorded in 4 hours in Tunefork studios in Beirut. In 2008, the drummer and the bass player left the band.  Still, the 3 remaining members, Zeid and the two french brothers Timothee and Jeremie regularly toured between Paris and Beirut in 2008/ 2009 (Flêche d'Or, Glazart, Le Baron, La Féline, L'International...).


Each member also occasionally collaborates on other projects such as movie soundtracks or producing other artists. In May 2009 they completed new songs for their forthcoming album to be released in 2010.

Although each of the band members has a different musical background, The New Government managed to find its trademark sound: a mixture of indie rock and post-punk with a retro touch reminiscent of the late 70s.


In 2011 the band split of. Timothee Regnier started a solo singer career Under the name of Rover 

Zeid Hamdan is today a famous Producer, composer ad artist of the Lebanon underground

... and Jeremie Regnier write for other french artists like Barbara Carlotti.


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