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Mylene Farmer



Mylene Gautier was born on September 12, 1961 at Pierrefonds near Montreal. In the early 70’s, the family moved to France, where, isolated in the grey environment of the Parisian suburbs, she misses her more cheerful Canada. She starts her career through theatre and also tries being a model or playing in advertising campaigns. It was at this time that she met one of the most important persons of her career: Laurent Boutonnat.

With his help, she records her very first song “Maman a tort” in 1984. This is when she abandons her name to become Mylene Farmer as a tribute to her idol Frances Farmer and releases her first album “Cendres de Lune”.
In 1988, she releases her second album “Ainsi soit-je” which is sold by more than 1 800 000 copies. She receives the French music award “Victoires de la musique” for video clip for “Pourvu qu’elles soient douces”. After a tour through France with 80 shows, Mylène releases her famous single “Desenchantee” before selling more than 2 million copies of her album “L’autre”.

A couple of years later, “Anamorphosee” is released in 1995 and becomes the most surprising album of her career due to its rock sound. Her new style convinces her fans and the album sells more than 1 million copies.
In 2003 she is awarded with the NRJ Music Award in the category best female French singer for the 4th time.

It is only in April 2005 when she offers her 6th album “Avant que l’ombre” to her fans “. She then does 13 sold out shows in Paris only.
In 2008 her two shows at the Stade de France in Paris is sold out in less of 3 hours — a record! A day later, 100 000 tickets for her shows were sold in only one day. Between 2008 and 2015, Mylène releases 4 more albums and sells millions of copies. In 2012 she receives the NRJ Diamond Award for the whole of her career. Today, her fans are anxiously awaiting her 11th album which has been announced for 2017.

Mylène Farmer is the only French artist to have 15 number singles and to have been number 1 in the charts in 4 different decades. 


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