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Kandia Kora

Prodigal son of a big lineage of griots of the Mandingue, Kandia Kora, just 22-year-old immortalizes while modernizing the ancestral art of his family. Drawing from the wealth of the traditional directory, its compositions synthesize and merge all the styles of western Africa with the influences of the musics of the world, the pop, the reggae and the Afro-American. This musical wealth finds an echo in its polyglot texts where dialects of Africa are next to English and French. Guided by soft melodies, words of various origins are freely linked, forming a poetic and harmonious set. Texts and note are finally crossed and unified, His voice in the surprising maturity and the stunning virtuosity of her Kora's  (African modern harp) play, take us on acoustics rhythms where the trance invites in the dance.


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