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European animation production companies behind popular TV shows, such as The Little Prince, Garfield and Friends, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Chaplin and Co. Tintin, Bali, Lucky Luke, Angelo Rules, The Gees, Peter Pan, Oscar & Co T´Choupi, Jelly Jamm, Connie the Cow, The Ugly Duckling, The Three Bears, Loopdidoo, Chi Rho – The Secrect ; have appointed 22D Music Group to handle the worldwide music rights administration to their audiovisual products.

The producers of feature animation films such as Kirikou and the Sorceress, The Triplets of Belleville, The Secret of Kells, The Prodigies, Renaissance , Nocturna,... also have appointed 22D Music Group to manage the administration of their catalogues worldwide.

22D Music also handles the music rights administration of a number of Live-Action Filmmakers such as Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia (FR) Die film gmbh (GER), Jost hering filme (GER), Kinderfilm GMBH (GER), Cutting edge holdings (UK, Atlantic screen (UK) – with award winning films such as "Dreiviertelmond" (GER), "Wintertochter" (GER), "The king’s speech" (UK/USA), "Drive" (USA) and major TV-Series like "Ein fall für zwei" (ZDF/GER), Tatort (ARD/GER), "Mama ist unmöglich" (ARD/GER)

22D Music Group sub-publishes the music rights catalogues of well-known documentary producers such as Discovery (USA), Eco Media (GER), Tellux Film (GER) – with award winning programmes such as "City Boy" –The life an investment banker (Emmy nomination), "The domino effect – Europe’s biggest crises (Winner of French-German Prize of Journalism),

22D Music Group also represents the music of artists like Nicolas Errera (Rouge Rouge, Grand Popo Football Club, Laurent Boutonnat, Mylène Farmer, Seal, All Mankind, Magnus Fiennes, Susheela Raman, Oren Lavie, Siri Svegler, Bobby Terry, Jake Beyer, Gomina, Zeid Hamdan, Robert Papst (Dominoe, Janina & The Deeds), Nikola Materne (Sphere, Bossanoire), Ufo Walter (Alien Café), Toby Breitenbach, Jan Koray (Monocular), Kim Appleby and many more.

22D Music Group is the sub-publisher of international song catalogues controlled by Round Hill Music (USA), Wardlaw Banks (UK), Pangea Music Publishing (UK) and Southern Crossroads Music (USA/UK)
Iron Man Armored Adventures
Very irresistible
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